Disney World Travel

Travel tips to Disney World

There are several travel tips to Disney World available if you are looking for ways to maximize the time you spend in the theme parks. Many people arrive in the parks and do not have any kind of game plan as to what to see and where to go. There are travel tips to Disney World that you can use to make sure you see the various attractions you want to see while on vacation. Knowing some of the basic travel tips to Disney World will help you accomplish everything you want to get done at Walt Disney World.

One of the fundamental travel tips to Disney World is the FastPass system that Disney has in its parks. Many people don’t take advantage of the FastPasses because they don’t know what exactly it is. A FastPass is a special ticket that can let you bypass the long standby lines that plague some of the more popular Disney attractions. You can get a free FastPass by inserting your ticket into the FastPass terminals that are outside the popular attractions. A FastPass ticket will pop out with a time printed on the front. You can return to the attraction anytime during the time frame printed on the ticket. While you are waiting for your time to come up, you cannot get any more FastPasses. Once the timeframe does come up, however, you can get another FastPass. A good way to use the FastPasses is to get another FastPass as soon as you can. That way, you always have at least one FastPass you can use if you so wish. The best travel tips to Disney World include the FastPass. You can easily get a lot done with a FastPass as you bypass the long standby lines.

Priority seatings are also popular travel tips to Disney World. Due to the prevalence of the dining plans, many of the restaurants are quickly filling up. If you want to eat at certain restaurants during your Walt Disney World vacation, you should try utilizing the priority seating hotline. This hotline allows you to reserve a table at any restaurant on Disney property. You can usually reserve your table anywhere from sixty to ninety days before your vacation. Some restaurants get filled so quickly that you need to call as soon as the restaurant opens for you to reserve your table. One restaurant that is this popular would be the restaurant inside Cinderella’s Castle. This restaurant features a character meal with all of Disney’s major princesses. The princesses roam around the restaurant and meet with each table. This is an excellent opportunity to get pictures and autographs with your favorite Disney princesses.

There are several travel tips to Disney World available for you to choose from. If you learn the variety of tips and tricks that are available, you can easily make the most of your vacation. With so many things to do at Walt Disney World, it is good to know some travel tips to Disney World to help you get as much accomplished during your vacation as possible.