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Disney World Travel Deals – Other Vacation Options

There are a variety of Disney World travel deals available for you to take advantage of. Many people think that Disney World travel deals revolve solely around the theme parks and the Walt Disney World resort. There are actually several ways you can combine vacations with other attractions Disney has to offer to make a unique Walt Disney World vacation.

The newest and most popular way to get Disney World travel deals on a unique vacation is to combine the fun of the theme parks with an exotic cruise. Disney has its own cruise line which travels the Caribbean and Bahamas. These ships sail out of Port Canaveral which is only a short drive away from the Walt Disney World complex. Disney has created wonderful Disney World travel deals that combine a stay in the park with a cruise on their Disney Cruise line. Typically, you can stay at the parks for four days and take a cruise for three or vice versa. Whether you choose to take the cruise first or visit the parks first, Disney will provide you with complimentary transportation to and from the cruise terminal. A great feature about this is that a Cast Member will take your luggage before you arrive at the pier. The bags are then dropped off at your stateroom. This enables you to roam the ship without having to worry about your bags. Many people are using the land and sea vacation to see the parks as well as exotic locales. This is a wonderful way to combine two different types of vacations without taking a lot of time off of work. The combination of the land and sea vacation is quickly becoming a popular way to get the Walt Disney World experience. Because this is so popular, you can often get Disney World travel deals for the land and sea Walt Disney World vacation.

There are a few other ways to get Disney World travel deals for your vacation. Many people are becoming members of the Disney Vacation Club program. This program is a timeshare that you can purchase. When you initially sign up for the program, you purchase a certain number of points at a Walt Disney World resort. You can use these points to stay at that resort or any of the resorts on Disney property. What makes the Disney Vacation Club a great place to get Disney World travel deals is that your vacations aren’t limited to Walt Disney World. You can easily use your points to travel to other locations around the country. Many people use their points to not only visit Walt Disney World but to also visit some of the other Disney holdings that are available. If you are a fan of Walt Disney World, the Disney Vacation Club is an excellent way to get Disney World travel deals for you and your family.

Disney World travel deals are highly sought after. It is important to remember that, when looking for Disney World travel deals, they might not always be for a traditional Disney World vacation. If you want to mix and match your vacation experience, you might want to try Disney World travel deals that allow you to visit other locations in addition to Walt Disney World.